Thursday, March 5, 2015

Home Decor That Didn't Make the Cut

I'm really happy with all of the decor selections I've made, and there's nothing so far that I'd change (thank god!). But, now that the decisions are made for most of the house, I've still got a long list of wallpapers, paint colors, fixtures, and other items that I love but that didn't make the cut this time. 

I figured I'd round them all up here so that I'll remember them when it's time to redecorate (just kidding B!) or in case any of you like my style and want some suggestions. 

First, this killer Jonathan Adler light fixture:
Lighting - Meurice Five-Arm Wall Sconce

Oh, how I love this. It's mid-century, without being quite as literal as some MCM pieces can be, and a little bit funky. It mixes well with transitional, modern, and vintage items, AKA right in my sweet spot. It's also totally fairly priced in my opinion at around $300. 

I wanted this baby BAD in my master bath, but the layout just wouldn't accommodate it. I would have just used one between our two medicine cabinets since it gives off a lot of light. I also think a couple of these would look gorgeous in a hallway or flanking a fireplace. There's also a 30-light ceiling version of this light that is pretty as well. 

Another light fixture I wanted to use but didn't is this amazing flush mount from, of course, Circa Lighting. 

Circa Lighting flush mount

It's seriously beautiful and would look great in a room where you don't want a large fixture that makes a big statement, but want something that brings more to the table than your standard builder-grade ceiling lights. It's a splurge for sure at $840, but it's so pretty I think it would be worth it in the right space. Actually, now that I think about it, I might need to swap out my boring office ceiling fixture for this one down the road. To be continued!

Last in the lighting category (although I could go on and on...I really love lighting) is this stunner from Kathy Kuo: 

Accordian Extendable Industrial Modern Billiard Island Light ($872)
If you had a smallish island that only needed one or two fixtures, I think this would be a beautiful option. It's so interesting and unlike any other pendant or island fixtures I've seen. 

I used several different wallpapers throughout our house, but there are still lots of rooms without any so maybe I'll still get a chance to use some of these beauties. In the meantime though, here's my list of also-rans. 

First up, this super fun option from Osborne and Little: 

So, those are chartreuse flocked silhouettes on a dark brown background. I get that it probably isn't for everyone, but I think in a playroom or powder room it could be amazing with lots of high gloss white trim and maybe a millwork chairrail? I think it would be great. Osborne and Little is a great wallpaper source with lots of really great non-traditional patterns so I'd highly recommend browsing their selection if you're in the market. 

Will someone with a long hallway, PLEASE install this adorable Fornasetti wallpaper? 

The pattern is called Multiplette and it comes in this cute navy/red colorway and there's a multi-colored option as well:

It's actually a border, about 18 inches high, but don't let that scare you - this is not one of the dorky old 90s borders you used to see! I think in a long hallway or even running along the bottom border of a kids bedroom, playroom, or basement this would be seriously cute.

I also am obsessed with this tortoiseshell paper and think it would look great lining bookshelves or as a bar backing, as used here.


It took me a long time to let go of this one...and truth be told I probably still haven't given up on the idea. For the longest time I've been obsessed with finding a striped carpet and then having it laid on the diagonal. Here's a shot of Lauren Santo Domingo's living room, where she did this to awesome effect: 

It's so unexpected and fun; I just love this idea. Since we have a ton of hardwood, and really only carpet in a couple of rooms, the stars just didn't align for this idea in this house, but I still think it's such a fun way to jazz up a carpeted room.

Oh, these Ochre horn pulls still haunt my dreams:

OCHRE - Contemporary Furniture, Lighting And Accessory Design - Horn Handles - Pale

They are just stunningly beautiful and I really, really wanted to install them on our high-gloss black vanity in the master bathroom. But, they are forged in England, only available to the trade, and I would have had to sell an organ or two to get them within the budget. 

Since I already was driving headfirst into the rabbit hole of my custom shower, I decided I didn't need to add any more fools errands to my plate, so I let the idea of these pulls go. But, I still super love them and if anyone I know uses them, prepare yourself for me to show up to your home uninvited so I can ogle them :)

I've got a list of about a million more things I love, but this would be a very long post if I put them all here. So, if you are interested in my input or need help making selections for your own home, I'd be happy to assist!

Hopefully in my next post I can start sharing some of the after pictures of the house as we work on getting settled in here. 

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