Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I think probably dating back to my Catholic School days when the day after was always a free day (thank you, All Saints Day). So, I tend to do it up big around here most years, both inside and out. 

This year I've toned it down a little bit, because A) I have a toddler I'm trying to get to love Halloween as much as I do, and I don't want to terrify her, and B) I'm still really into most of the interior decor I've installed post-move, and didn't want to mess it up with skulls and whatnot. 

Yes, having a life-sized skeleton and his hell hound companion on my front porch falls under my definition of "toned down," in case you were wondering.

I like how our hydrangeas are even getting into the spirit, having turned a deep purple color from their earlier bright blue. 

Of course mums and birch logs are always a good call for Autumn (someone really needs to rake those leaves): 

This is our first Fall in the new house, so I wasn't sure what the neighbors would think about all of my decorations. I was seriously relieved to see houses all up and down our street bedecked with orange string lights and all sorts of ghoulies! Love it! 

Inside, I just put out a few things in some key locations. Of course, I couldn't resist going full-on goth on our mantle:

Wait, is that Evanescence I hear? 

I love to use some of my spooky books as decor this time of year, and it doesn't get any spookier than Great Tales of Horror:

The library ladder always presents a fun opportunity for decor: 

In the front parlor (STILL not finished, but soon!) I went a little more traditional, thinking I'd leave the metallic pumpkins out through Thanksgiving: 

This little glass pumpkin is one of my very favorites: 

I picked it up in Half Moon Bay, CA (World Pumpkin Capital, and an all-around swell place to visit) on our babymoon, so it's very special to me. 

Finally, this bunny is not strictly speaking a Halloween decoration, as it's actually a sculpture by the artist Christy Puetz:

However, I admit it is a little creepy and weird though (in the most fabulous way), so it gets place of honor for the season. 

Lastly, a couple of gold bedazzled skulls and a fun striped pumpkin to round out the dining room

Happy Halloween, Everyone!