Monday, March 28, 2016

Etsy Favorites - Artwork

Artwork is one of those things that I can't seem to get enough of. I have a ton of pieces, yet I always want more - either I get tired of a certain piece, I move the furniture around and then the art needs to change, or sometimes I have "placeholder" pieces that I like okay, but they are really just filling the wall until I find the piece I cannot live without. You know, like that little ol' Rothko above (#inmydreams). 

As addictions go, artwork is probably one of the more wallet-unfriendly ones. In general I think art is worth whatever it's worth to you and the artist, and in some cases that can be a lot of money. But, for certain spaces it makes sense to go with a more budget selection, and in that case I often turn to esty. 

There are a lot of great options to be found on etsy, either original artwork, giclees or prints. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

I think these city prints, from the shop Anna See, are so adorable for a kiddos room or playroom space. The use of a more sophisticated color palette really helps elevate these, and how much fun would it be to collect a cityscape for each place you visit as a family? 
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Russian Architecture 12 x 18 Colorful Illustration Art Print For Home, Cathedral, Red Square Buildings
VENICE, ITALY - Colorful Illustration Art Print 11 x 17 Venetian Architecture Italian Design

Michelle Armas is one of my longtime-favorites, and I adore everything she does. I own one giclee of hers, and would gladly add many more to my collection. I love the unusual color combos she uses and how kinetic her work always seems. 

Halcyon Print

Dark n Stormy

Emilia Kaminski also works in a similar lush style, and the movement and vibrancy in her works is what really appeals to me:
GREEN........original acrylic painting abstract art
HEROES......... original acrylic painting abstract art

Factory Works is definitely more minimal and possibly more challenging to some, but I think these works are just super cool. These pieces are also insanely affordable for original works. 

I really love the black and white pieces here especially (and have one in my living room gallery wall), but the saturated blues are sure pretty too: 

Abstract Minimal Black and White No.0445 24x20 Acrylic on Canvas Modern Industrial

Abstract Minimal Blue No.0729 Ink on Paper 24x18 Modern

Abstract Minimal  Blue No.3440 Ink on Paper 24x18 Original

The works by Kai Samuels-Davis are sort of haunting and surreal, but in the most interesting way. I tend to like art that has a little bit of an edge to it, so these really appeal to me.

I own a landscape giclee by Samuels-Davis, but the portraits are really where it's at:

Into Unconscious, Giclee art print of original oil painting

Because the Night, Original Oil Painting

The Decision, Giclee art print of original oil painting

I absolutely love talking about (and purchasing art) so let me know if you have any questions! 

I will end with this recent art purchase I made; this piece by the Lincoln artist Dan Terpstra. Mr. Terpstra works in the medium of plywood and uses a chainsaw (!!!) to make the designs. The craftsmanship is incredible, and I think the pieces, especially the really saturated colors, are exceptionally beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

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