Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Master Bathroom

Although we've been living in the house for almost a month now, the master bath just got finished and I am absolutely crazy about how this room turned out:

Of course the piece de resistance is the shower. Oh, how I love this shower. It practically took an act of congress to get this in place, but I am so, so glad everyone put in the effort to make it happen.  I have to give a major shout out to my friend, Adam, without whom we might be showering in a boring clear glass box (the horror).

The tile is a combination of white subway tile and hexagon carrara marble. Our tile installer also fabricated this little corner bench, which is white Corian.

We had enough space to do a pretty large inset space in the shower for all our various products, which also got tiled in the carrara hex, and we added a fun black marble pencil tile border just to define it a little more:

It was a bit of a challenge to fit both a nice big tub and a big shower in the space we had, but in the end it worked out fine, mostly due to some creative angles on the shower surround.

I'm waiting on a window treatment to come in for this space, so the tub hasn't been getting much use yet (you're welcome, neighbors).  

The tub faucet matches the sink faucets, just in a larger size. I also had a spray faucet installed in the tub deck, which has come in handy.

It's hard to see in this picture, but there's a fun molding detail around the outside of the tub that was made of wood by our cabinet maker, and it's topped with a pretty black granite. I like that it's subtle but provides an additional layer of interest to the tub. 

I was paranoid about not having enough storage in the bathroom, so I had our cabinet maker build this little wall unit to go over the tub as well:

In retrospect, we probably didn't need it (since it's pretty empty), but I'm glad we have it just in case. I don't know of anyone who's ever complained about too much storage. 

I'm happy with the vanity, although it's a little smaller than what I'd originally hoped. Darn old houses with their unmovable support beams in inconvenient places! 

It was built for this space since we had some funky dimensions to work with, and the craftsmanship is just beautiful. I wanted it to look like a piece of furniture rather than cabinets, and I think the builder really nailed it. We were also able to incorporate some custom details like including outlets in the inside for hair dryers and whatnot. 

My favorite design detail is that although it's open at the bottom in the very front, there's actually another piece behind the opening about 6 inches back, so we don't have any dust bunnies or debris that can get trapped back there. It's painted a glossy black...I think the color is Benjamin Moore Graphite, if I remember correctly. 

The counters are the same super white quartzite as we used in the kitchen, and the sinks are simple rectangular under-mounted sinks with modern chrome faucets.

The medicine cabinets are simple, but really pretty with their arched tops. I love how they look against the white subway tile and dark grey grout. 

Words cannot express how nice it is to have my very own medicine cabinet and not have to share at all! Of course, mine is basically full and B's is at least half empty, so there might be a further reapportioning of space down the road :)

Instead of towel racks I went with these really pretty hooks from Anthropologie:

They are super functional in that you can hang two towels up at once, and I think they look a lot prettier than your typical towel bar. We have three of them installed so far, and I'm considering adding a fourth.

Of course, the most important part of any bathroom is the toilet. For our master, I decided to carve out space to make a little WC with a sliding pocket door:

This was a really good decision. Honestly, I'll bet there are marriages out there that have been saved by doing this. 

In order to send this little nook completely over the top though, we installed none other than the Cadillac of toilets:

B first fell in love with the Japanese (Toto Brand) toilet when we were in Montreal a few years ago and oddly our hotel room had one. Then, when we visited Japan where they are quite ubiquitous his love crossed over to infatuation. I knew I wanted to find a way to make his toilet dreams come true in this house if at all possible. Although it's mainly for him, I have to admit the heated seat feature is pretty sweet (TMI).

So, that's the master bathroom! I'm so, so glad this one is finished and looks just like I'd imagined.

As a little reminder, here's what this space looked like a few short months ago:

And here's the same angle today:



  1. The type of bath you originally had with the pass through shower is called a Hollywood Bath! Pretty rare, I have only seen one in person. Quirky for sure but not very user friendly! The new bath looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks! I have never heard of that style before, but I've heard from a couple of people now who have seen it in other homes, so I guess it's not quite as rare as I thought :)

  3. Great bathroom. Where did you order that Black Framed Shower from? It's beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Dave! I worked with a local company called Counter Culture to source and install the shower. They did fabulous work!

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