Thursday, August 27, 2015

Master Bedroom

The master is one of the rooms that I really didn't want to put a ton of effort into at first, but then as we got further along with the renovation, I decided to go ahead and prioritize this space too. After all, we're tired parents of an energetic 2-year old. We need a relaxing place to retire at the end of the night as much as anyone!

My inspiration for this room was sort of a Hollywood Regency/Glam vibe, which mainly took the form of some mirrored, shiny, and sparkly things and a mix of textures. 

Here's a view into the bedroom from the hallway: 
Those double doors on the left are our laundry, which we relocated from the basement (SO much more convenient!). 

The room is basically an L-shaped layout. The open door you see in the picture below leads to the walk-in closet. It's nothing that exciting - it's big enough (but it could always be bigger!), and we put in an organization system via Affordable Closets, which I'd recommend. Josh (in Omaha) was great to work with and really maximized the storage for us, which was necessary. 

The walls in this room are Revere Pewter, as in much of the house. They set off the crystal ceiling fixture nicely, I think. 

Additionally, this is one of the only spaces in the house that is carpeted. While normally I'm not a carpet person, I decided to just go with it in here, rather than A) laying new hardwood and trying to match the narrow boards that are original in the rest of the house, and B) finding a huge area rug to soften the space once the hardwood was installed. 

The idea of doing all that work made me want to lie down and take a nap (at least I'd be in the right room for it!). So, we tore up the gross old beige carpet and had a nice dark grey with a super cushy pad installed. I think it was the right decision.

Most of the furniture in this space is from our previous bedroom in the old house, with just a few tweaks.

The dressers are a dark-stained wood, to which I added new crystal knobs to dress them up a bit.

The nightstands are pretty mirrored ones from Ones King Lane: 

I'm 99% sure they are identical to the ones they sell at Pier One, but of course I didn't realize that until after I'd ordered them. Anyway, they are simple and pretty, and give us good storage in here. 

The lamps are from Target, a simple crystal base with a grey linen shade. The mirror above the bed is from Homegoods. 

The bench is kind of hard to see, but it is black linen from Restoration Hardware. 

I don't often have buyers' remorse about home purchases since I usually think things through pretty carefully before I purchase. That bench, however, is a big exception. There's nothing wrong with it, but I ordered it custom made for $$$ when I see as good or better options at Homegoods on the regular. Lesson learned, I guess. Also, I think I need to hit up Homegoods for a sponsorship :) 

The bed is staying for now, but I think at some point I'll switch the metal frame out for either an upholstered one:

 or a modern canopy (like this): 

I'm also besotted with this velvet upholstered canopy: 

I mean, come on! It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, I'd probably need to sell an organ in order to make it happen. 

This piece is great for storage, and I like it much better now that it's coated in high-gloss grey. It was previously a rustic wood, and previously lived in the sunroom at our old house. 

The draperies and shades in the bedroom were custom made and came out beautifully. They are a heavy, luxurious silk fabric with a super pretty silk tassel trim. Unfortunately, they are very hard to photograph with window light coming through, so this is the best I could do: 

Here's a close-up as well:

The color is a mix of light and dark grey, with some soft blue/green mixed in. 

There's a nice sitting area at the other end of the room, which I haven't quite figured out yet (the sliver of doorway you see on the left leads to the master bath, which if you haven't seen, you really should).

That chair definitely is not staying. I thought I was certain I wanted a pair of traditional wingbacks here and just needed to figure out the upholstery. 

Comfort Pointe Jitterbug Chippendale Wingback Chair - Color: Gray

But, now I'm thinking maybe a settee would be cool instead? 

Who knows. 

One thing I know FOR SURE is those awesome vintage (not C&B!) lucite waterfall nesting tables are staying. I met a questionable Craigslist dude from Kearney in a Cracker Barrel parking lot to purchase them (#nojoke), so I'm holding onto those babies for good! 

So, the master is basically 90% done with the remaining 10% coming as soon as I figure out the seating area. I'm glad I decided to go ahead and put in the effort to make this room pretty - it really is a great feeling to have a nice, put together room to relax in at the end of a long day. 

Thanks for reading! 

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