Monday, December 1, 2014

Our New Old House

Happy Demo Day! Today we are getting underway with the first stages of our renovation of this new (to us) old (built in 1925) house. I've decided to start this blog to document the process mainly for myself, but also because I thought it might be interesting to others besides me.

This will definitely not be a DIY blog. We're using professionals and people who know what they're doing for the vast majority of projects. But, I am doing most of the design and selections myself, and will share some of the process I will go through to ultimately get to a completely restored and updated home sometime in Spring 2015. 

The photo above is the brick exterior. We won't change much on the outside in this initial phase, but it will definitely need new light fixtures, cleaned-up landscaping, and I'll probably change the trim color from brown to grey/black at some point. Oh, and I'll probably swap out the GIANT address plaque for something a little more...subtle. 

The home is all brick, two stories (actually 1.75, but I'm calling it 2 for simplicity's sake), with plaster walls, hardwood floors, and really great bones. In my next post I'll start getting into some of the Before pictures room by room. 

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