Thursday, December 4, 2014

Overall Color Scheme and Look

I've been a big fan of what I like to call the Pottery Barn look for several years now. It's what we've done in our past two homes - warm woods, and lots of browns, reds, yellows, and some greens. Kind of rustic/casual, like so: 

While it's very warm, cozy, and comforting, I think it's time to switch things up in this new house. 

I considered doing a more Belgian-minimal look, with lots of neutrals, pale linens, and clean lines. Dark floors, concrete counters, beige furniture, etc.: 

I love this look in other peoples homes, and have seen it done really well. But, upon consideration, I've decided that's just not for me. I need more color in my life, not to mention the fact that I have a black-haired dog who seemingly sheds his entire body weight in hair each week, and a delightful 18-month old who I want to be able to live in our whole house - not just some of the rooms.

So for this house we're going with cooler tones and a slightly more kooky/glam look, with some elements that are straight out of a Wes Anderson film: 

The above image is from a house done by Bailey McCarthy. I'm in awe of her design skills and therefore I am shamelessly stealing from her playbook for this house.

The floors throughout the house are hardwood, and in really phenomenal condition, which is great. They are currently stained a medium oak color, which is basically what you see in every older home in this area. That's not going to work here, so we're stripping them and going dark..something like an ebonized walnut, like this: 

I think they'll look beautiful when they're finished.

The majority of the walls in the house will be a warm, neutral greige. I haven't decided on a specific color yet, but am leaning toward something in this family:

Then, the fun stuff:

Definitely bringing in more greens, blues, animal prints/motifs and some fun marble and brass accents. I have a picture in my head of how it will look all pulled's hoping I can come close to that! 


  1. Jenn--I love it! You're so awesome :)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm having a blast so far...just hoping it turns out like I'm picturing it in my head :)