Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Progress - the upstairs

The upstairs to the house is coming right along, with lots of new walls and drywall dust everywhere. Here's a shot of the stairway leading to the upstairs: 

Not a lot of work has occurred here yet, but the walls are soon to be painted the same Revere Pewter as most of the house, the stairs will be refinished the same shade as the rest of the floors, and I've ordered a custom sisal runner to be installed on the stairs. This is basically a family space, since the stairs aren't really visible in the main living areas, so I'm not doing anything too over the top here. 

Here's a shot of the upstairs landing, soon-to-be playroom area, with a bathtub in it (temporarily): 

It's nice to see this area mostly all cleaned out and ready for some fun toys to be added.

Next, E's room has been painted the mostly lovely shade of pale pink:

It's "Ballet Slippers" from Benjamin Moore, and I just love it. I also adore the architectural detail in E's room. I think it's so beautiful. All we need to do here now is refinish the floors, and install a closet system and then we're ready for that little dumpling to move in! 

Here's a view of the hallway outside E's room (power tools and all): 

That is a new wall, with the door to E's new bathroom on the left. The doors you can just barely see on the right are the new laundry room doors, so basically that whole area was torn down and is now being rebuilt.

We're making good progress here. Here's a shot of E's bathroom. The vanity is getting installed, and the tub/shower is also in: 

Next up here is tile, then wallpaper. I'm so excited for this adorable wallpaper we're using in E's bathroom:

It's from Anthropologie, and is called "C'est Magnifique!" which is just perfect. I've also been picking up some very fun Paris-themed accessories for E's bathroom. Hope she loves it!

This is a kind of blurry shot of the laundry. It will be a small room, but it should be super functional with cabinets and hanging racks installed on the walls. I've also chosen a really pretty cobalt blue tile with white grout to dress up this utilitarian space just a little bit. 

The master bedroom is honestly looking pretty rough right now, so I didn't take a lot of pictures of it. You can kind of see some of the disarray in this shot of our bathroom below: 

The master bath, however, is shaping up nicely! The picture above shows our custom vanity that was built, due to some funky measurements we had to work with. I designed it, and am super happy with how it turned out. Of course it needs to be painted, and get counters, sinks, and hardware all installed! I'll try to get a better detail shot of the bottom and feet, which turned out really pretty.

Of course the good old Jack and Jill shower was ripped out with extreme prejudice, and now the space below is where our gorgeous new shower will go: 

I picked out a big rainfall shower head as well as another sprayer shower, so it should be a definite step up from our current situation. 

The tub (previously seen in the upstairs hallway) is going here:

I originally wanted a freestanding tub, but the space just didn't really allow for that, so I've switched to a built-in tub. We're doing some really pretty molding detail on the outside, and the surround will be a combination of black granite and glossy black paint, so I think that will do nicely.

Here's a better shot of the tub: 

It's a Kohler model, and I like how clean-lined and contemporary looking it is, while still being nice and oversized. 

The last space upstairs that's being worked on is the master closet: 

It's quite a bit bigger than this picture shows, so we have some decent real estate with which to work. In here we're installing new carpet (hence the torture-chamber floors), and a massive storage system. This closet needs to be super duper functional so it can handle an obscene amount of bags and shoes, not to mention both B's and my clothes. I'm finalizing the design of this space soon, and will hopefully have some prettier pictures to share soon!

Next, I'll show some updated pictures of the basement, where at least 50% of the time and effort has been spent over these past few weeks.